Eromosele Adene, an #EndSARS protester, will be arraigned before a Chief Magistrate in Lagos on Tuesday.

Eromosele was arrested in Lagos on 7 November by the police and transported to Abuja, the nation’s capital days later.

Eromosele is charged with allegations of aiding the #EndSARS protest in Lagos.

The case was initially scheduled to hold on Monday on allegations of financial support to the youth protest that was later hijacked by hoodlums in some states in the country.

His sister, Onomene, had explained that she was used as bait by a group of security operatives to get to her brother.

Onomene said a man who disguised himself as a former church member facilitated her brother’s arrest by bringing policemen who asked her to take them to her house where Eromosele was arrested.

She condemned the arrest of her brother and called for his release, saying he has a liver infection, and his prolonged detention was harmful to his health.