The #EndSARS protest which initially started peacefully before being hijacked by hoodlums who came with a different agenda, resulted in lost of lives and destruction of private and government owned properties. The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has confirmed that it will cost over N1 trillion to rebuild public and private property destroyed by hoodlums in Lagos.

Over 25 police stations, 20 patrol vehicles, three barracks and communication gadgets were destroyed in the course of the #EndSARS protest in Lagos State and according to a police offer who after giving a breakdown of the cost, told THISDAY that to rebuild standard stations, it will cost a total sum on N10bn.

According to the officer: “In the standard investigative room, the funding must cover the cost for work stations for the Investigative Police Officers (IPO), a CCTV to monitor and record interrogations (this prevents the IPO from using force to extract confessions), tracking machines, integrated fingerprint database (for criminal profiling and fingerprint data), profiling filed and stationery.

“The communication/control room is another cost-intensive part of equipping the modern police station. The cost was pegged at N10 million per station.

“Between the personal walkie-talkie and the radio set in the cars that cost N75, 000 and N250,000 per unit, respectively, other equipment needed to fit the control room are the computer sets, internet facilities and stationery, among others.

“With 25 police stations burnt across the state and rebuilding to UN standard pegged at N300 million each, this means a total of N7.5 billion would be expended.”

It was also revealed by THISDAY investigation that the hoodlums catered away with an unknown number of AK47 guns and pistols, from each of the police stations they visited. Lagos State senior police officer has warned that Lagos state residents should be on alert and always be cautious, as dangerous weapons which was stolen by hoodlums from police stations are in the hands of wrong people which can be used against an innocent citizen.

He said: “To be honest, you need to feel the pulse of the police, especially the lower cadre, they are bitter and feel humiliated that they ran in the face of danger on the orders of their superiors.

“Although we have started recovering some of our arms, the problem is that we can’t account for what was stolen. We are still taking inventory to know what was taken from each division.”

Meanwhile, though the police in Lagos are yet to put a figure to the number of deceased officers, it was gathered that over 40 of them are currently in different hospitals, with some critically injured.