The account of Flutterwave, a fintech payment platform that is being used to receive donations for the ongoing protest against police brutality in the country and the account of Feminist Coalition, a pro-#EndSARS women group have been blocked temporarily by The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over allegation of terrorism financing and money laundering, with claims that the organizers of the protest have been using the donations to fund medical supplies, food, drinks, legal aids, and others to sustain the protest.

A close source at the Lagos-based firm confirmed the news of the account suspension to news men saying; “It is true they blocked our account. And they are charging us with terrorism,” the Flutterwave source said.

It was also revealed in the Flutterwaves’ official Twitter handle that as of Tuesday, a total of N16,706,635.9 was donated into the account, including donations in foreign currencies.