The World Trade Organization has dropped three candidates from the race to be the next Director-General of the body.

WTO also plans to have two final candidates for the position in the coming weeks.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s former finance minister and former Director of the World Bank, still remains in the race.

WTO said Mexico’s Jesus Seade, Egypt’s Hamid Mamdouh, and Moldova’s Tudor Ulianovschi didn’t secure enough support in a first of three rounds of voting.

“Their expertise and high professional and personal qualities are highly valued and respected by all members,” David Walker, WTO General Council Chairman, said this in a statement on Friday.

A second phase of consultations will begin on September 24 and run until October 6 after which the WTO would announce the final two candidates.

WTO’s goal is to name a new leader by November 7.