Ifedayo Olarinde (Daddy Freeze), has reacted to the statement by Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the Founder and General Overseer of Salvation Ministries, where he referred to Freeze as a half-caste and ‘a bastard son of a Somalian’.


This stemmed from the advice Bishop David Oyedepo had last week given to women to be submissive to their husbands, in order to protect their marriage.

Criticizing this, Daddy Freeze, cited a bible verse, saying that women and men should be submissive to each other.


He described Oyedepo’s teaching as modern day slavery, rather, he advised men and women to be submissive to one another.


The Nigerian-Romanian broadcaster and radio talk show host, in a new video, drew the attention of the general public and of course the Nigeria Police force, saying that Pastor David Ibiyeomie should be hold responsible if anything we’re to happen to him.


Daddy Freeze described Pastor David’s statement as ‘Hate Speech’, demanding apology from him for demeaning broadcasting profession.


On being called a ‘Half-Caste’, Daddy Freeze, said he is proud to associate with Romanians, saying that they are wonderful people like Nigerians.


He also condemned the fact that he was referred as a ‘half caste’, noting that now the Black Lives Matter campaign is going on isn’t the time a black man should speak ill of his fellow black man.


“The world is fighting racism, and you are a racist, condemning your fellow black man”, he said.


On ‘A Bastard’, Daddy Freeze expressed sadness, asking Pastor David to show him (Daddy Freeze) his father since he is saying that the man who gave birth to him is no longer his father.


“You must show me my father.”


Reacting to Daddy Freeze’s submission, Pastor David Ibiyeomie said: “Insult me , I will take it but insulting Oyedepo, that bastard, tell him any day I hear him talk about Oyedepo… Do they know his father? Does Daddy Freeze have a father? Who is his father? That half-caste who was born by a Somalian. “The day I will hear him insult Oyedepo again, I will deal with him. Oyedepo may not talk but I can’t be alive you insult my father. Who gave birth to him? If he has a father, let him show us his father’s picture. Somebody dey give birth to mischief. Does he look like a Nigerian? He is a Somalian.

“If I hear him insult my father again, Oyedepo may not talk but I can’t be alive, you insult my father. I curse the day he was born. Insult my father when I am alive, I cannot take it.


“Oyedepo will not talk but I can’t be alive you insult my father. I will tear you…I will tear you to pieces. I will be alive you insult my father and say heeeey.…I will tear you to pieces you bastard. People who have father, don’t insult fathers. He is insulting because he has no father. You can never insult a father if you have a father. He has no father. Tell him ooo, tell him, this is the last thing he will talk about Oyedepo again.

“He is a bastard, he is a bastard, does he have a father? Who is his father? Let him show his father’s picture, if he has a father. A man who cannot marry, he has no wife. He cannot manage his home and he is coming to talk on television. Is it not his wife that left him. A man who is a broadcaster, does he have a good job?


“You have been insulting my father and people are laughing. Anybody who insults my father again, I will just ….. Oyedepo may not talk but Me ooo I go just… I will never be alive to see somebody insult my father, you are not born, you are not born. I will kill you, I will tear you to pieces. Me I will arrest him.”