President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita of Mali has announced his resignation hours after he and the Prime Minister, Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga, were arrested by mutinous soldiers in a suspected coup.

In July, President Muhammadu Buhari, together with other ECOWAS leaders, visited Mali because of the increase in protests disturbing the country, hoping to put an end to it.

Prior his resignation, there was widespread anger over corruption, mismanagement of the economy, and the worsening security situation.

Tuesday night, 18th August 2020, Keita announced his resignation and dissolved the country’s national assembly and government. Speaking on national broadcaster ORTM, he explained that he had little choice but to stand down to avoid bloodshed.

“For seven years I have with great joy and happiness tried to put this country back on its feet… If today some people from the armed forces have decided to end it by their intervention, do I have a choice? I should submit to it because I don’t want any blood to be shed, ” Keita said.