The minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Geoffery Onyeama has narrated his battle with covid 19 and how he survived the Covid-19 infection for three weeks.

speaking on thursday in Abuja to members of the Presidential task force on Covid-19, the minister who was tested positive to Covid-19 on July 19 after his fourth covid 19 test, narrated his experience with the dreaded disease;

he said: “i have to say that one of the things i was thinking about is that the PTF is like a military high command. it occurred to me that non have been tested positive.

“Maybe it was a good thing that a member of the team can now speak from experience and not just from hearing. COVID-19 is real. I used to have a three layer of protection but it did not stop that.

“i will like to say that the issue of stigmatization is nothing to be ashamed of. Anybody can get this virus and it is nothing to fear. it is not a death sentence.

“In my case, the moment i failed something different on a Friday, i was tested the following day but we don’t have the capacity.

“i was discussing with the Minister of Health that if people cannot be tested sooner enough, they can recommend some medication.
Don’t feel it is anything shameful, just treat it like any other sickness”.

the minister concluded by acknowledging the efforts of the medical team who have been working tirelessly in the isolation centers;’

“We can be negative on ourselves, but for the three weeks in isolation, i cannot speak more highly of our medical crew. the most agreeable, i could even go back there for weekends. i really congratulate them for the work they did”.