In what is considered a rare confrontation, a senior White House correspondent with HuffPost  S.V. Dáte asked U. S President Donald Trump during Thursday’s coronavirus task force briefing if, after 3½ years, “do you regret at all all the lying you’ve done to the American people? All the dishonesties?”. The President who appeared shocked and taken aback at such audacity, replied

“That who has done?”.  To which the elderly reporter answered

“You have done,”.

The reporter S.V Dáte, who is a seasoned journalist earlier this year compiled a comprehensive list of the falsehood peddled by Pres. donald Trump in a his article titled Trump’s “Ministry of Untruth” .

Pres. Trump who obviously had no immediate reply to S.V Dáte’s question just paused and then moved on to the next question.

Mr Dáte won plenty of plaudits on Twitter after putting the question to the president.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” wrote one user. “BRAVO”.

“Thank you for your courage today. Funny how that liar had nothing to say,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, others questioned why Mr Dáte’s colleagues did not follow up on his question.

“It would have been appropriate for the person following you asking a question stayed on point instead of letting him off the hook,” one said.

Meanwhile Mr Dáte’s confessed that he has been waiting for five years for an opportunity to ask the shocking question.