Many women in the society can hardly go a day without make up, this is because most women feels that make-up gives confidence, inspiration and strength.

According to Laura Marinelli, a scientific and micro biologist adviser at Ellis Day Skin Science, too much skin care product creates an artificial wall on the skin and hinder the skin’s natural glow.

“while it is true that the top layer of the skin does take in oxygen from the air, it is another important reason to give our skin a break from tons of products” she told HuffPost. “Most make up and many skin care product creates a temporary blockage, which can interfere with the skin’s natural turnover process”.

she further explained the importance of removing make up before going to bed saying that removing all makeup every night can support a skin’s natural healing and rejuvenation properties.

Another New York based board-certified dermatologist Michelle Henry also warned that wearing oily and heavy makeup can cause acne breakouts.

“if you’re wearing makeup that’s very oily, heavy and occlusive, the more potential it is for oil, dirt and debris to accumulate in your pores and cause acne”, Michelle warned.