Two herdsmen identified as Raymond Metekai and Raphael Sankau were drown in a quarry while searching for their missing cows in Nairobi, Kenya on Wednesday.

According to Locals,the two herdsmen, dived into the flooded quarry when they suspected that their cows could be drowning in the quarry.
It was also reported by a resident that one of the herdsmen dived in first, and the other later dived in when he realized that the other of his friend was drowning, and in an attempt to save the other, the two herdsmen drowned and died.

The locals and resident of the area have called on the government to fill the quarry as it has claimed the lives of most people and their livestocks over the past years.

The body of the two herdsmen were later retrieve by the Nairobi County fire Brigade

However, the Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko has promised to buy coffins and pay for the transportation of the bodies to where they will be buried.