Dozens of young people took to strategic areas in Abuja and Lagos, as well as other cities in the country in protest to demand the resignation of the present administration.

The protesters raised various issues saying that the government has failed to tackle the security challenges in the country and provide jobs for unemployed youths.

The President’s Special Adviser, Femi Adesina, during his appearance on Sunrise Daily on Thursday, dismissed the protests saying:

“Well, was it really a protest? By my estimation, that just seemed like a child’s play because protests by their very nature are spontaneous things; they are mass things,” he said on the Channels Television’s breakfast programme.

Adesina added, “I just saw a sprinkle of people trying to be funny. As far as I am concerned, it is nothing to worry about because when you talk of a revolution, a revolution is always a mass thing.

“Not the sprinkle of young boys and girls you saw yesterday in different parts of the country. I think it was just a funny thing to call it a protest and a revolution protest.”

The President’s spokesman said, “Revolution is something that turns the normal order; what happened yesterday, would you call it a revolution? It was just an irritation; it was just an irritation and some people want to cause irritation in the country.”

“And what I will say is that when things boil over, they boil over because you continue to heat them. So, Nigerians need to know that the country we get is what we used our own hands to build.”