Some pensioners who went to the government house in owerri to protest for the fifth time in less than one month over non payment of their pension and gratuity by Governor Hope Uzodinma administration were brutally assaulted by government thugs in government house, Owerri on Tuesday.

It was reported that trouble started when the retirees defied the orders by attempting to protest into the main gate of the government house, this then led to the government thugs clutching out canes and began flogging the senior citizens for being resolute in their demands.

A PUNCH correspondent who was present at the scene reported that a group of detach police operatives led by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, AJ Moses later arrived the scene and dispersed the thugs, urging the pensioners to liase with the appropriate organ of government in other for their demands to be settled.

One of the pensioners by name Ebenezer Ibekwe who spoke to journalist, accused the governor for sending his thugs to assult them and he also revealed that the thugs had initially poured them water on their way coming to the government house in a bid to stop them from protesting.

He said, “thugs were flogging us, their fathers and mothers. I pity them because they have dug their graves. At Warehouse junction, while we were coming, they attacked us and poured us water. This has never happened in the state before”.

“the money we have worked for which is our claim has not been paid to us, yet the government is sending some idiots and the ‘never do wells’ to assult people who are old enough to be their father, mother or grandparents”.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Print Media, Modestus Nwamkpa later confirmed that the thugs did not flog the pensioners but rather, the state government was frowning at illegal protest in the state, revealing that most of the protesters were discovered by the state government to be ‘Ghost pensioners’ used by opposition politicians to bring down the performance and reputation of the government.