The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), South East Chapter, has urged the authorities to ensure the security of lives and property in Kaduna.

Bishop Goddy Okafor, South East CAN Chairman, made the call in Aba on Sunday while addressing newsmen on the continuous bloodshed in Southern Kaduna.

Okafor, Pastor of the Glorious Gospel Centre, Aba, Abia State, said that the inability of the government to stop the killings in the Southern Kaduna was inciting fears in the hearts of citizens concerning their safety in their own country.

“The killings going on in Southern Kaduna are very disturbing.

“We are one people and we believe we are one nation, but for these persistent killings going on in Southern Kaduna to keep occurring without drastic measures to stop it is very disturbing.

“These people that are being killed in Kaduna are Nigerians.

“Governments and security agencies owe it as a duty to protect them.

“Governments and security agencies owe it as a duty to protect them.

“The protection of lives and property is the responsibility of the government.

“Every time there are killings, some bandits are blamed.

“So, we keep asking, these bandits are they really human beings or spirits?”

He pointed out that Nigeria is a great nation with a great future if governed well by its leaders.

He noted that if citizens should doubt their citizenship rights, it would not benefit the country.

Okafor urged governments to clear any doubt in the minds of Nigerians about the source of the killings by stopping them.

The bishop demanded the Kaduna State’s Governor Nasir El Rufai to do everything in his powers to curb the killings in the state.

Okafor also urged Police authorities to ensure their men did more intelligence gathering.

Bishop Okafor further spoke about the health challenges in the country pleading with medical personnel planning to leave the country to do away with the idea. He stressed that if development is paused, it would endanger Nigeria’s healthcare system.

He persuaded the government to provide what the professionals needed to perform creditably and to enjoy their work in order to discourage their emigration.

“If we lose all our good hands when we are sick, who will take care of us?
“Government should listen to NMA and keep the best doctors we have with us here,” he said.

Okafor expressed dismay at the rate at which Nigerian youth engaged in cultism and other crimes.

He reiterated the need for Nigerian youth to be given a sense of direction in life through job creation.