The Pastor of the Household of God Church, Oregun, Lagos has come up with a well articulated conspiracy theory on corona Virus and the attendant remedies of lockdown proffered by governments of the world. His theory demonizes Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and renowned philanthropist as the evil genius behind the grand scheme.

In his pre-recorded postulations uploaded on YouTube on Sunday afternoon, Okotie claimed that the pandemic was a satanic conspiracy to challenge God’s power. He also opined that holding virtual church services is un-scriptural, adding that if God was not interested in the assembly, we would not need to come to church.

We are dealing with one of the most sinister conspiracies in human history. That’s what he is doing. He’s getting people back into the physical house, making sure they no longer congregate.

“What we call the online church is absolutely untrue, because for you to be in church, you have to be ecclesia, which is translated from the Greek word, ec, which is out, and the word caleo, called out.

“You cannot gather unto God until you are called out. That’s why Israel was called put of the world. So, this thing, this phenomenon that we are talking about, the Internet and cyber churches, is totally unscriptural. God knows where you are; if He was not interested in the assembly, you don’t need to come to church; you can pray in your house. I pray in my house, you praise in your house. I praise in my house, He can see all of us, He doesn’t need computers. But that denies Him who He is; so, we must – that’s why the bible puts that verse as an imperative – you must not forsake the assembly of yourselves together. .” Okotie said.

The 88 minutes video started out by introducing the audience to biblical numerology as the basis for understanding the pandemic.

“People have asked me if we’re dealing with the number 666; if this is about the antichrist. Is this about you taking that number and the eternal damnation that is the consequence of that?,” Okotie asked.

He revealed further, “No, We’re dealing with another number that is the precursor to the number 666. There’s a man who is the protagonist of this whole process that we’re seeing today. His name is Bill Gates.”