IA young man whose identity has been concealed was left battling for his dear life after several punches and serial assault by enforcement officers attached to Umuahia North Covid-19 protocol enforcement team in Aba, Abia State.

Narrating on the incident, eye witness said that the victim who is a commercial tricycle operator was stopped by taskforce officials at the checkpoint opposite the General Post office in the capital City because one of his passengers did not wear face mask.
As a result of this, the Covid 19 taskforce officials attacked the keke rider for allowing his passenger to violates Covid 19 safety protocol. He was directed by the officials to take his vehicle to the local council headquarters. According to eye witness, the keke man refused and as a result of his disobedience, he was punch on the face simultaneously until he lost his balance and slumped lifelessly on the road.

The taskforce officials later came under heavy criticism by the crowd who became violent and insisted that the taskforce single handedly convey the victim to the hospital. There was a lot of tension and the taskforce staff ran back to the council headquarters in self- defense.