English Premiership clubs have agreed to restart the season on June 17 after they gave “Project Restart” the green light at a shareholders meeting on Thursday.


Manchester City v Arsenal and Aston Villa v Sheffield United have been lined up as the first games on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. The two fixtures were originally postponed due to the EFL Cup Final before the coronavirus pandemic struck.


A full fixture list will then be played on the weekend of June 19 to 21.


The Premier League are hoping to wrap up the 2019-20 season by August 2, with the FA Cup final scheduled to take place in the same month.

It is expected that twice-weekly testing will continue rather than be ramped up further, and the proposals will include what to do in the event of a positive test once contact training hasĀ restarted.

Government guidelines on contact training stress the need for “meticulous, time and date sensitive, written records of player groups and interactions” to be kept to enable effective tracing should an individual test positive.

It is anticipated that clubs will gradually build up the level of contact, from ‘clusters’ of two to three players initially, through larger groups of four to 12 before a return to full team training, in line with Government guidance.