The Ibom Specialist Hospital (ISH) was established in 2015 by the previous administration to provide advanced specialty services to patients from Akwa Ibom region and other parts of Nigeria.
-The total amount of money disbursed for the ISH from the state fund was N41billion whereas, the structure put up is worth just N7billion. The remaining N34billion have remained unaccounted for till date.
-The multi-specialty hospital which “is a five-storey edifice with an underground block that connects to the administrative block and mortuary” was supposed to have a tunnel linking buildings within the Hospital premises and a guest house where relatives of patients can stay for the duration of their Ward’s treatment. This justifies the huge amount of money allocated which has obviously been stomached.
-The ISH became non-operational, an eyesore and subsequently, an abandoned project prior to the close of the previous administration.
-The present administration inherited the ISH with a completed ground floor, frontal view and the exteriors while the first floor was leaking with water emanating from the floor. Moreso, the Governor Udom Emmanuel-led administration inherited the ISH without a roof, theatre or dialysis machine except for few beds, one CT scan machine and one MRI machine.
-Some of the said “640 CT Scanners, digital mammography, endoscopy surgery, highly sophisticated intensive care units and medical gas plants” acquired by the past administration were no where to be found when the present administration took over the place. The Health Commissioner who listed out the missing equipment had shown the list to the former Governor Akpabio who had promised to ensure their recovery and return, but to no avail. The Udom Emmanuel government was left with no choice but to procure these missing equipment and newer ones to equip the hospital to become functional and of standard as it is now.
Till date, the state is still trying her best to update the hospital with standard equipment from available sources.
-The present world-class theatres, best-in-class dialysis machines, radiography machine, emergency theatre, electric blanket and blood warmer, well-equipped intensive care units, brand new 500KVA generator and ambulance were procured courtesy of the Governor Udom Emmanuel-led administration plus a completed standard roofing worth over N50m.
-The Specialty Hospital’s COVID-19 unit has been earmarked the best in the country due to its sophistication provided by the present administration.
-The ISH would be one of the forgotten projects in the state without the intervention of the Governor Udom Emmanuel-led administration.
CREDIT: Abasi-Ubong Tom