About 3million facemasks is currently on the way for distribution to Lagosians to flag off ‘Mask-Up’ Lagos Campaign. Governor Sanwo-Olu made an announcement that wearing face masks in public has become mandatory in the State. The effort is to complement the new policy.

Speaking with journalists Saturday(25/04/2020), Governor Sanwo-Olu said “the primary reason for wearing the facemask is to ensure that the droplets one secretes are not released into the environment, but rather absorbed by the facemask. Complying with this directive will mean that we care about the wellbeing of others and are determined to protect them from getting infected by whatever may be within us”.

“It is not everyone who has the COVID-19 virus that shows symptoms or falls sick. But secretion by them such as coughing, sneezing and others are certain ways of passing the virus to others, if not guarded by facemasks”, he noted.

Accordingly, if everyone in the community wears a facemask, we will be fulfilling our duty of responsibility to others by not exposing them to secretion that can infect them, or put other residents of the State at risk by contaminating the environment

Face masks, combined with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand-washing, consciousness about eyes, nose and ears touching as well as social distancing are effective in mitigating respiratory infections.

The state government is currently producing about 3million facemasks for distribution to the citizenry. It has also advised that the use of stylish and trendy local cotton materials will conserve the use of sophisticated masks, such as the N95 and surgical face masks used by medical personnel.

A prototype design for these facemasks will be posted on our social media platforms for your personal tailoring.