Shortly before the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control announced the first five coronavirus cases in Akwa Ibom state, Governor Udom Emmanuel was working to deploy 13 ventilators in preparedness for imminent eventuality. Governor Udom on Wednesday visited the Intensive Care Unit/Isolation Facility at the Multi-Specialty Hospital in the state.

The governor said, “I am not just here to check the scale of preparedness but to also make sure what we put on ground works and works well.

“At times what people assume are working well are not until they are put to test before they know whether they are functional or not.

“I came in with the experts to take a look, to see whether they are working well or not.

“As at now, all the whole 13 ventilators will be tested to make sure they are working well.

“I have ordered more beds and an 20 extra facilities to accommodate emergencies.”

The State governor recently signed the state’s Quarantine and Restriction of Movement Regulations 2020 that gave legal backing to the closure of the state borders, markets, schools, amongst others.