The residents of Onitsha were all in shock last night being the 18 of January 2020 as they witness an unexpected tragedy in their neighbourhood.

Mrs Mary Egwu (the deceased) came to Onitsha to stay with her daughter who put to birth since last year. According to the deceased son Mr Martin, he said it has always been his mother’s culture to always visit any of her child who put to birth. And that her mother has been in Onitsha since last year February when his sister put to birth. He also revealed that his mother who held from Umu-Oru in Oriu-zor in Ezza North Local government area of Ebonyi State had wanted to go back to Ebonyi State in November last year, but her daughter insist that she stay till the festive period is over.

According to eye witness, on that faithful day, being 18th of January 2020, by 7:30pm, Mrs Mary Egwu was playing with her grandchildren in the kitchen as she usually does, her daughter and the husband were in the sitting room when the incident occurred. After having fun with her grandchildren, she decide to go and lean on the half wall at the back of the kitchen, Mrs Mary Egwu who recently had an eye surgery in August last year didn’t know that it wasn’t the half wall she leaned on, but a dangerous object that wasn’t supported by anything. And unknowingly, she fell down and hit her head on the concrete floor of the back yard.

It was the neighbors who came out and saw the helpless body of the woman who was in pole of blood. The woman’s head was severely damaged and she was rushed to the hospital, it was at the hospital that she died from servere head and Brain injuries and the doctors confirmed that she died of domestic accident.