1. Vigil Van dijk was born on 8 July 1991 in Breda, Netherlands. He is 28 years old.

2. At a young age, Van dijk suffered from abdominal and growths complications and was hospitalized. The scars still features till date on his lower stomach.

3. Before becoming a professional football player, he used to be a pot washer in a restaurant in his native city of Breda. Netherlands.

4. The restaurant owner once told him to forget about pursuing a career in football as he will fail. But rather he should concentrate on washing more pot.

5. Vigil Van dijk is married to his child hood sweetheart Rike Nooitgedagt. The pair are of the same age and from the same country (Netherlands).

6. Van dijk has a daughter named Nila Van dijk.

7. Van dijk is worth 20 million dollars.

8. Aside from playing football, his hobbies are relaxing near or in water, he also love home based Arts.

9. He plays for liverpool FC in England and he is the best defender in the world football today.