An airport cleaner Ms Ugwu has gained national recognition for her exemplary honesty and worthy conduct as she  found and  returned  $12 million in the course of her career as an airport cleaner since 2006.

Ms Ugwu, who has worked as an airport cleaner all her life found and returned  $12 million in the course of her service. In 2006 when she was earning just N12,000, she found  and return a misplaced N10 million at Enugu airport where she was working as a cleaner. In 2014, she found and return N8 million naira at Lagos airport, still in that same year, she found and returned N7 million naira at the same airport. In 2015, she also did the same, this time she returned $12 million still in the same airport. And in 2019, she also found and return yet again 200,000 at the private wing of MMA.

“What a genorosity shown by an average woman” a woman who grew up having an uneasy life after loosing her mother when she was barely 8 month old. Her life struggles did not affect or change who she is.

Today, the airport cleaner who use to earn 12,000 naira per month has now been rewarded by the president with a house key and a national recognition. The president handed over the key to her while declaring open a 2-day national summit on diminishing corruption in public service organized by ICPC.

Indeed, doing good pays.