Manchester city wenger Bernado silva has been handed a one match ban and charged £50,000 by FA after a tweet showing young teammate Mendy along side an image of brand mascot of Spanish confectionery brand conguitos with the caption ‘’Guess who’’ since 22 september .

The tweet was intendend to serve as  a joke between teammates and was taken in the same spirit by the intended reciepient Mr Mendy.  Bernado Silva was later charged with a misconduct by the FA in October after the tweet  which he later deleted  prior to tweeting a follow up response to say  ‘’cant  even joke with a friend these days …. You guys ‘’.

In  an FA statement release on Wednesday reads; Bernado silva has been suspended for one first team competitive fixture and fined £50,000 and must also complete a face to face education after admitting to Breaching FA rule of E3

Iintially , the rule of FA is to give a minimum of six match ban to anyone who breach the rule, but after knowing that the tweet by Bernado Silva about teammate Mendy was intended as a joke and according to FA ‘’ the player had no previous knowledge of the adverse conotataion link by some to the brand. They say that the commission is not bound to pass a suspension of at least six matches for the aggravated breach by reason of the fact that the communication was via social media.

so Bernado silva escape with just one match banned.