The Vice Chairman of Uyo Local Government, Ambassador Ukai Udeme Emmanuel, says if Ibom Plaza is given out to a new management who is an indigene of Uyo and closer to the people, social vices now plaguing the area would be controlled.  Such vices, according to the Vice Chairman include stealing, killing and other immoral activities which indigenes, tourists and commuters experience from time to time.

Ambassador Ukai stated this during an interview with our reporters in his office at the Uyo Local Government Council Secretariat recently.

He said the reason for the incessant crimes at the Plaza is because the right management has not been put in place, adding that the moment the tourist spot is concessioned to a new management; there will definitely be a change.

“The problem with the crimes at the Plaza is because the present management is neither an indigene of Uyo nor a grassroots person and

does not have what it takes to manage both the business and the social activities occurring within and around the facility. This to me is a case of putting square pegs in round holes”.

Mr. Emmanuel noted that a new management who is an indigene and purely a grassroots person will be able to run the business effectively ensuring that crimes within and around the plaza will cease. “The moment the government puts in place a management that is fully a grassroots indigene, the crimes will cease automatically”, he stated.

He said the tourism facility could be turned into a money spinning venture for the state if well managed.

“With the right management, the full tourism potentials of Ibom Plaza will be explored. This will therefore attract tourist from far and near, and never again will people experience ugly situations that have characterized the tourism facility”, he noted. It would be recalled that Ibom Plaza recently came into news for notorious activities perpetrated there. The Ibom Plaza environment has lately become a den for robbers, rapists, phone snatchers and all manner of unwholesome


However, the state government on its part has made frantic efforts to ameliorate the rate of crimes in the area, but to no avail.

While praising the state governor for the successes he has recorded so far in the last four years, the administrator also called on all Akwa Ibom people and well-meaning Nigerians to join hands with Governor Udom Emmanuel to build the state to an enviable standard.