Ogun State residents of Magboro areas of Olowofela, Oke Afa, and Kajola have lost their only access road due the over-flooding of Ogun River tributary at the Oke Afa gate area. The over-flooded river ran over the improvised bridge built by community effort rendering residents helpless. Some boat operators are taking advantaged of the situation to make money by offering boat rides across the water for a fare of between 50 and 150 naira.

Speaking with TNV some residents of the area complained that there has been no form of government presence in the area. The only access road to the community was built through self effort by the community. The community also installed electricity infrastructures without any government assistance. Schools found in the community are privately owned and there are no government owned health center.

The community is the the same neighborhood with several tax paying corporate citizens operating factory facilities among the are a logistics company, a national newspaper, an electricity cable manufacturer, a furniture company, a Chinese multiple industrial complex among others.