Capt. Iniobong Ekong is a politician and socialite who was seemingly always in safe company till his world turned upside down when he was suddenly whisked away some days before the 2019 general election. Initially it was thought that the captain was kidnapped and efforts were made to contact security operatives to move fast before the story gets worse. Eventually he regained his freedom and has been relieving his experience during his arrest. One interesting detail to this story is Capt. Ekong’s claim that he was offered mouthwatering positions and money he never had before, to relinquish his position and move to the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Governor’s Aide was picked up before the 2019 gubernatorial election by soldiers allegedly on the petition purported to have been written by the Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio.

The Security Assistant, who spoke to journalists at his office in Uyo , said, “The promises I was given were so tempting and nobody could say no , but I said no. I didn’t know how . It came with position, finance, promises, everything. And it came at the time I probably didn’t have those things.

“But I thank God that I stood where I stood and for one single second in the entire episode, I never for one day wanted to think about it. I was only concerned about the relationship and the interpretations.”

He however added that the state government had taken proactive steps to prevent a recurrence.