Tragedy struck New Fatula in Oke-Aro area of Akure, Ondo State, when a popular pastor in the area, Femi Olorunsoromidayo collapsed and eventually died while officiating at the burial of  Elder Samuel Rotimi, a member of his church.

TNV gathered that the 42 year old pastor who was the founder of Divine Mount Zion Gospel Ministry, died during a funeral service in Erusu-Akoko in Akoko North West Local Government after he had received the corpse during the church service.

A source within the area claimed that the deceased church member; late Elder Samuel Rotimi of 78-year-old had expressly instructed the cleric before his death that he should be buried at his residence in Akure whenever he died and not in his home town.

After the death of Elder Rotimi, the Head of the deceased family at Erusu Akoko was said to have called Pastor Olorunsoromidayo and requested the cleric to change the burial plans and take the corpse to Erusu contrary to the instructions of the deceased. The pastor reportedly gave in to pressure and acted against the wish of the deceased. The action was also supported by the late Elder Rotimi’s immediate family members.

Our source claimed that it was Pastor Femi who arranged for an ambulance which conveyed the corpse to Erusu Akoko with Elder Rotimi’s family members and some church members.

“As the cleric was conducting the funeral service at the cemetery, he began to feel uneasy after which he became unconscious and collapsed. The Cleric was then rushed to an undisclosed hospital in Akoko, where he was confirmed dead’’,  our source said.

Ironically the ambulance which took the corpse of the late church member, Elder Rotimi to Erusu, Akoko for the funeral service, was used to convey the corpse of the pastor back to Akure.