Nigeria my husband.

You were and still my first love

And it’s been ages since I said “I do”

Promising to ignore all and stay faithfully put to you

But you and I can testify that this marriage has been full of thorns

I loved you from the very beginning and despite all odds, I have stood by you

Every day I pray that the hardship in our marriage will end

That everything will become green again

At nights I wet my pillow with tears

Wishing that the violence that has torn our banner is just a nightmare

There are days I feel I can’t stand it anymore, wishing I could just go away

But our neighbours whose marriages were in shambles, but held on because our marriage,

When it started, was the drip that strengthened their unions keep saying ‘your marriage will be great again “

Dear Nigeria,

My friends say they would rather be maids to your neighbours than be wives to you

But I have chosen to remain your wife, never your ex!

Like an African woman who embraces the true Christian faith and stood before the church promising “for better for worse “

For me, there is no room for divorce

Because I didn’t bargain for that at first

Dear Nigeria,

We were together, when our gardens were all green and our farms yielded bountiful harvests before the drought that left us with nothing to eat and you ran back to your masters, buying little with huge sums

And we are still together now that some of our children have decided to kill one so as to dominate your empire even with breath in you

I am still your wife even when two of our triplets fight over the position of the first son when the doctors themselves could not decipher who first came forth

I’ll stick to you even now that your grandchildren are called criminals because your children deny them access to your wealth

Though your knees grow weak

And your presence makes your children sick for they daily wish you were six feet deep

I need you to stay for I believe we can fix this

You have not been the best of husbands

But I know you can still try

You are older now than yesterday

But please don’t shut your eyes, don’t, at least not yet

Let’s make our marriage come alive again

For I can’t wait to dance with you once more in the rain

Our children have missed it but we can cleanse the flag and hand over to our grandchildren a banner without stain

For I believe I shall call you “husband ” again without feeling ashamed.