narrates his conversation on RUGA with his mathematician friend

passes power of judgment to participants

RUGA: Reasonable Understanding for Gradual Advancement

Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG yesterday 31st August, 2019 at the Church Leaders Stakeholders’ Summit organised the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), displayed a rare kind of wisdom in tackling the RUGA issue that has agitated the minds of most non-Fulani Nigerians, especially in Southern Nigeria.

In his keynote address at the summit which took place at Shepherdhill Baptist Church, Obanikoro, Lagos Nigeria, Adeboye responded to the proposed/suspended RUGA Settlement Programme by the Buhari administration, by narrating a conversation that took place between his friend, a mathematician and himself, during which the friend opened up on the RUGA standoff enveloping Nigeria.

Adeboye said his friend is as grandiloquent as he is funny. He loves using big grammar like conviviality, probability, monstrosity,  concentric, eccentric, adding that people who agree with his position are called Concentric and those who disagree with him are called Eccentric.

The friend is not only grandiloquent, but also a funny man. A proof that he is funny, Adeboye said, is his contention that when nursing mothers refused to breastfeed her child and resort to cow milk, the child ends up being a cowboy. The friend also said the problem in Nigeria is not about the North and South dichotomy, but between the wise and the foolish.

On RUGA, the funny friend said, if a cow herder kills your brother and his blood spilled on the grass which is fed to the cow, and the siblings of the man killed still eat the cow that fed on the grass on which the blood was spilled, they are as guilty as the cow herder.

The funny friend, according to Adeboye said, if a cow herder kills your brother and the following day you are still seen eating suya by the cow herder, you are foolish because you are assisting the cow herder to march on.

The funny friend still contends that RUGA means Reasonable Understanding for Gradual Advancement and this is succinctly displayed in what is happening in Nigeria. The funny friend said “the cow that is eating in your backyard will gradually advance into your bedroom. Very soon, you will be drinking water from the river that has been polluted by the droppings of the cow.

Adeboye said his friend went ahead to show him what the white man said about red meat. Red meat is not good for the body and the first source of red meat is the cow, followed by goat and then ram. He said the best meat for you is the fish and you find it everywhere in any village. Why eat cow meat then?

The pastor then assisted his friend to throw a challenge to people at the summit: “Those of you who agree with my friend should say Yea…” to which the whole participant shouted YEAAA. “Those who disagree with my friend should say “NO”. There was a pin drop silence and Pastor Enoch Adeboye stepped down from the podium.

Earlier, Adeboye had warned that he only came to narrate a conversation between his friend and himself, and he would not want anybody to say he is the author of the conversation, to which everybody laughed.