The repeated robberry of Univerisity of Uyo Hall 6 female hostel residence in the township campus, Ikpa Road Uyo has a lot of daring twist to its tale. First of all the robbers had allegedly promised their female students victims that they will be back for another attack in three days. As we are told today, August 1, 2019, the “faithful gang” kept their promise to their victims and returned three days later to carry out the dastardly act again. As if that scare was not horrific enough, the also allegedly modified their operations using technology to increase the number of victims and increase their loot.  According to the victims who spoke through their protest leader, the commando style raiders also brought Point-Of-Sales (POS) electronic machines to get credit and debit card transfers from girls who were smart enough to keep no cash in their possession.
This is mind blowing, and some observers still find it very unbelievable. MemoriesTV has a recorded video from the protest scene. WATCH
From the Video is a comment,

Female Students Protesting 2 robbery incidents in three days at their residence hostel alleged that the robbers used Point Of Sale Machines (POS) to collect money from students with no cash. The video here shows the students spokes person complaining to the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Enefiok Essien, SAN about the POS robbery. Could this be true?

Lets us know what you think? Nigeria Police over to you