Since it’s maiden flight on 7th of June 2019. There has been several comments and commendations about Ibom Air. Here are a few of those comments:

“I patronized Ibom Air yesterday, just to compare the experience ( flown Arik and Dana previously), without being biased, I was impressed. Booking via their website two weeks to the day, I got a fair deal of half the price.

I spent less than 1min at the check-in point, was properly identified and a boarding pass issued without delay. The wait wasn’t a long one as all passengers got the boarding call about 20mins to departure.

Everyone got their assigned seats, me sha was ready for “an uncle white beards crime scene” in case anyone had taken my seat. The aircraft was small but very comfortable. Nice crew members, they even shared candies, I took two since I am into big things

As a local woman, I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The air conditioning system in that thing wasn’t meant for people like me, on God!  I was doing big geh and I wore a sleeveless blouse, 10mins going I could have sworn I wasn’t feeling my hands and legs, LOCAL WOMAN WAS COLD! but as a big girl that I am, I tried to maintain but I remembered the law of friction soon enough.

From there on out, it was smooth! Snacks were given, as fresh as you can get just to relax us. About an hour or so, we touched down and it was to your tent oh Israel!

I sincerely hope Ibom Air will maintain this culture, it will truly stand the test of time. From affordable flight rates to comfortable journey, its worth the recommendation. So, when next you leaving town or coming back, think Ibom Air, let’s make Akwa Ibom great again!”


Otuekong Idongesit Nkanga:

“with the launching of Ibom Air, the state has blazed the trail to be the first to own an airline; so will it be with Ibom Deep Seaport. I am proud to be a part of this magic moment, where 15 industries are gotten in three and a half years, as well as being the second most attractive destination of direct foreign investment.”

Ubong Essien – Business Executive

Flying Ibom air was an absolutely delightful experience. The attendants are very professional, the flight took-off and landed smoothly, the in-flight refreshment is uniquely packaged in a lunch pack. The aircraft itself is so fresh and has ample leg room. I will continue to patronize them.

JOSEPH JACOB: I’ve been hearing of Ibom Air ever since they started operations. I must say they’re impressive. From their counter to the flight itself – smooth! I’m glad to have patronize my own state. See you again on Tuesday.

What a time to be alive and a Proud Akwa Ibom Woman!

ADEBAYO MUHIB: Good airport facilities and most importantly all the planes are ready to go. its good and recommendable

Anietie Usen – Journalist

“My first surprise was the freshness of Ibom Air aircraft: very fresh, very clean, very clear leg room, very comfortable seats, feels like ‘tear-rubber’, very friendly crew and uniquely packaged and presented snacks in State colours of orange, green and white.

Just as scheduled, at exactly 9:00am, Ibom Air taxied off the Apron unto the runway. Phew! It was seamless. Take off: smooth. Flight proper: smooth. Landing: smooth.

For me, Ibom Air made my day. Am happy! Don’t know what I would have done today, without Ibom Air.”

Charles Udoh – AK Information Commissioner

“It wasn’t anything that I didn’t expect. If you look at the aviation state in Nigeria today, Ibom Air has the youngest fleet of aircraft in the Nigerian airspace, we are looking at aircraft that are just six years old.

“I am particularly excited because I have followed the progress from day one and see it come to fruition.”