The West African Examinations Council released the results of the 2020 Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination on Monday, November 2, 2020.

Patrick Areghan, head of the WAEC National office, said a total of 1,549,740 registered for the examination.

Areghan said 1,338,348 candidates obtained credit and above in a minimum of any five subjects – with or without English Language and/or Mathematics.

He said 1,003,668 candidates had credits and above in a minimum of five subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

Candidates were asked to visit the website of WAEC to check their results.

Areghan in a statement said that the results of 215,149 candidates have been withheld.

“A total of 1,549,740 candidates registered for the examination from 19,129 recognised secondary schools in Nigeria. Of the number that registered for the examination, 1,538,445 candidates sat the examination.

“The examination was also administered to candidates from some schools in Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, and Equatorial Guinea where the Nigeria curriculum for Senior Secondary School is being used.

“The results of 215,149 candidates, representing 13.98 per cent of the total number of candidates that sat the examination, are being withheld in connection with various reported cases of examination malpractice.

“The cases are being investigated and reports of the investigations will be presented to the appropriate Committee of the Council for determination in due course.”

WAEC had said the unrest in the country affected some of its offices and operations nationwide and as such, postponed the release of the results to Monday, 2 November 2020#

The West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination was taken between August 17, 2020 and Saturday, September 12, 2020.