Obianuju Catherine Udeh, popularly known as DJ Switch, who was present at the #Lekkishootings that took place on 20 October, 2020 has put up a video detailing the events that took place at the scene.

That Tuesday night, she made an Instagram live story documenting the helplessness of the protesters injured by the bullets that were allegedly shot by security officials. She showed a few people trying to get a bullet out of an injured man’s leg. It was also alleged that the security officers did not permit ambulances to arrive the scene and help the wounded protesters.

On her video, DJ Switch thanked everyone who helped her escape from the Lekki tollgate area as they risked their lives to do so. She said she had to go off for a few days to heal from the injuries she sustained and that she was doing fine.

She also pleaded with the Nigerian government not to downplay anything that happened there or call it fake news because she was an eyewitness. She also sympathized with the families that lost their loved ones and asked the government to recognize their pain and help them out rather than then a blind eye to it.

The female disk jockey said a guy who tried to protect her from the live bullets got shot and that she saw Nigerian soldiers and policemen actively aiming and shooting at them. She brought out a few bullets she was able to gather as evidence of the massacre.

She broke down as she regretted keeping the dead bodies of the protesters at the feet of the soldiers and asking their leaders why they were killing them because they ended up putting the bodies in their vans.

DJ Switch thanked a Mr Ola, the manager of a nearby hospital for allowing treatments for the brave Nigerians. She also thanked Lifepoint church for giving them refuge.

She was teary-eyed as she debunked the rumour that 78 people died saying that she counted only 15 dead bodies. She also said that the news that her cousin died was fake news. She urged people to share accurate news and not fake news.

The violent arsons and revenge killings were condemned by her as she asked Nigerians to keep having hope and keep fighting because only then would they see a change. She said peaceful protests were the greatest weapons we had to fight. She proudly said she would return to continue the protests because she strongly believed in it.

DJ Switch asked for accountability of the security officers and justice for families.