India which has been a home of goddess worshippers have recently added a new goddess to their flirt of goddesses, this time it is the ‘goddess of Coronavirus’ they have set up to worship for protection against the virus.

According to a news website, Indian Media reports that a group of women from a village in West Bengal in India have set up a small shrine near Asansol city where they offer offerings like fruit, Vegetables and jaggery to the Corona Mai or Corona Goddess to protect them from the infection.

According to the worshippers of the Coronavirus goddess who are mostly women in their early 20s and 70s, they made it clear that they will pray to the God of Coronavirus until he takes away the virus.

“We hope that Corona Devi ensures that the virus leaves us forever”, said a 23 year old worshipper
“Our offerrings and chants will win us some respite from the virus”.
Another 53 year old woman added,
“We have decided to worship Corona Devi every Monday and Friday till she becomes satisfied”.

While the women set up shrines for the worship, the men were not left out as one man from Kerala also set up a temple to worship the “Coronavirus goddess”.