Mr Anwanga Essien Udo, a pastor with  Restoration Bible Church has been arrested by the police for forcefully having a carnal sex with his 10 year old step daughter.

This was revealed in a press briefing by Police Public Relation officer SP ODIKO MACDON on their police Facebook page.

The said Restoration Bible Church pastor is not the only pastor involve in the act , Also arrested is a presiding pastor of the Mount Zion light house full gospel church, obio Imo Lane , uyo Apostle Williams Okon for defiling his 20 year old daughter miss Fortune Williams Bassey. The so called Apostle is said to have started sleeping with his daughter when she was 13 years of age. And according to his daughter miss fortune in a statement, she said that her father first defiled her in the church vestry and he threaten to lay a curse on her if she ever reaveal it to anyone, not only that, she also admit to having three abortion for her father in the process with the help of her mother. “What a wicked world we live in”. No wonder the police relation officer in the press briefing advice parents to keep a close watch on their femal children and they should be mindful of where and time they their female children to , especially for spiritual counseling as most of the sexual Predators we have in the society as mostly so called men of God. ( Pastors).

Others arrested in connection to this crime are ;
* Mr Nsikan Ufia Udo of Nung Akpan, obio offot for defiling a 12 year old girl.

*. Mr Iniobong Okon Moses of Ikot Amupe, obio offot, uyo arrested for having unlawful carnal sex with a 2 year old girl.

*Mr Saviour Umoh Ukpong of Akpan Etuk Street, Uyo arrested for defiling a 15 year old girl miss Nduke Eyo Bassey , whom he decieved in the name of being a prophet, took the girl to his house and force himself on her despite the girls cries and pleas.

The police relation officer assured the public that the police will continue to hunt down these beasts and bring them to just as they have done to these suspects.