Nigeria now ranks very low in the diplomatic parlance under Buhari’s APC government. Stories of 23 drug traffickers awaiting death by execution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia running back to back with 78 Nigerian fraudsters (419, yahoo, yahoo boys) suspects being rounded up by FBI and the now infamous misadventures of Invictus Obi is making the matter rather complicated for the Daura General and his diplomatic machinery.

African leader’s from South Africa, Egypt, Rwanda, Senegal all have the coveted G7 summit invitations. Their Presidents are in France attending the G7 Summit and talking to the movers and shakers of the world economy. Nigeria over the years have had invitation extended for the president and his team to make the guests list at the prestigious summit. This year the G7 for some reason choose to ignore Nigeria. Observers of diplomatic affairs say that this cold shoulder really treatment hurts the presidency. So they look for an alternative trip for our Mr. Buhari and his team to keep them busy. Buhari departed Abuja earlier today for Japan, supposedly to attend a so called Japan – Africa Summit.. What a save face event? It is worthy to take notice that Prime Minister  Shinzō Abe of Japan, is also presently in France, for the G7 Summit.

That leaves the Nigerian Leader with no host to pally with. What then is the gain of this Japan Jamboree? Your guess is as good as mine. Nigeria’s President Buhari will be kept busy by his Ambassador and probably will also be hosted by some low ranking Japanese officials until PM Abe returns to perhaps drink tea with him and his other fellow misbegotten African leaders.

The handwriting is on the world we have a diplomatic crisis looming and will be unavoidable if nothing is done hurriedly to fix our international relations machinery. President Buhari needs to call his diplomats and charge them to come up with solutions and some perception management strategy followed by a medium and long term plan. The time to act is now.