Media reports from Several websites and social media handles are claiming that Kenyan Authorities have deported a Caucasian man being paraded in the country as Jesus Christ.  Several twitter users have during the weekend claimed that the “Modern Day Jesus” was in Kenya as part of a scam to make people book their ticket to heaven and pay for miracles
TNV has it on good authority that the story is NOT true.

So who is this “JESUS” and what was his mission in Kenya?

His real name is Michael Job, an American preacher and actor. He was in Kenya to attend an interdenominational Christian event as a guest speaker.

Originally from Clarence, New York, He now resides in Orlando, Florida. According to the BBC, he has been playing Jesus at The Holy Land Experience theme park, which describes itself as “a living, biblical museum.”

On Monday, he shared photos of his visit to Kenya with the caption: “I truly praise God for these awesome men and women of God of whom have served Jesus with all their heart. God has used them powerfully and they have been such a huge blessing in my life this past week. Thank you so much for blessing my life!”
He has also refuted the claims that he was deported from Kenya.